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DLZ was built to be flexible. Its flexibility is best demonstrated by the variety of databases and database schemas that DLZ supports.

File System Driver

The file system driver is unique in that it uses the hierarchal nature of a standard file system as a database for DNS data. This database is very simple to setup and provides very good performance. All DNS data is held in the directory and file names--the files themselves are actually empty! Check out the driver documentation for more information.

Berkeley DB Drivers

Currently two BDB drivers are provided with DLZ. In the future a third may be developed to provide even better performance. All the drivers take advantage of Berkeley DB's built-in caching to improve performance. The Berkeley DB drivers provide the best performance for DLZ.

PostgreSQL Driver

This enterprise grade database can now be used directly to store, manipulate, and manage your DNS data. DNS management is now as simple as executing a few SQL queries. To make things even easier, use PostgreSQL as the database backend for a custom web based GUI. Once the data is written to PostgreSQL, it is immediately available in your DNS server. This driver is very flexible and should be able to support most database schemas. This will make integration of DLZ with your existing or custom PostgreSQL database easy.

MySQL Driver

By popular demand, DLZ supports MySQL, too. Already have a database of DNS data? Using scripts to convert that data into BIND zone files? Stop! Connect your DNS server directly to MySQL and you will never have to recreate zone files again.

ODBC Driver

Firebird, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SAPDB and MS SQL Server haven't been left out. Use the ODBC driver to connect DLZ to any of those databases. Just like the other SQL database drivers, the ODBC driver is very flexible to allow easy integration with your existing database.

LDAP Driver

Control even more of your enterprise using your LDAP servers. Now you can store all your DNS information in LDAP. Enterprise DNS management has never been easier.

Stub (sample) Driver

With all the databases and flexibility that DLZ supports, it's hard to imagine one of the existing drivers won't meet your needs. However, if that's the case, the simple stub driver is a great starting point to understand how DLZ works.