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If you don't already have an existing database with DNS data, try using these example configurations. They can help make setting up DLZ quick and easy. Keep in mind, you don't have to use these database schemas--you can design your own to meet your needs.

Examples are not provided for the File system and Berkeley DB drivers because they should be fairly simple to setup using the existing driver documentation.

PostgreSQL driver

Postgres is an excellent enterprise grade database. This example will provide a simple database schema to store DNS data. It also includes the DLZ configuration that should be used to interact with the example database schema.

MySQL driver

This example will show you the schema and configuration for using the popular MySQL database with DLZ.

ODBC driver

The ODBC driver allows you to connect DLZ to almost any modern SQL database. The exact configuration of the ODBC driver will vary depending upon which database you are using the ODBC driver with. You can use this example as a template for configuring DLZ to work with your own ODBC database.

LDAP driver

LDAP is very popular in large enterprises. This example will show you how easy it is to configure DLZ to use your LDAP server for DNS data as well.

DLZ also supplies its own LDAP schema. The example shows how the DLZ schema is designed and includes a sample LDIF data file.